Jan 3, 2019

Do you have a background stash? 🤔

I keep seeing friends post New Years Resolutions to finish projects started in 2016 and earlier 🤣.  Are you like me and have collections of backgrounds and colored images?  My resolution needs to be to purge these collections and use them.  This is not my goal this year...

I posted on Instagram last week a collection of smooshed backgrounds I did with a good friend.  Today I decided to go through the dreaded box of images and found this lovely sunflower (sorry I can’t identify the source ) and decided to create a card.  Here are the smooshed backgrounds...

Here is the finished card...

I challenge you to try and use those backgrounds this year!  I will do the same and post on my accounts (Instagram @teri8188). Have fun this year!


  1. I love your you're using your backgrounds Teri!! That sunflower is gorgeous too!!

  2. So artsy!! Love the sunflower card, Teri!

  3. Hi Teri, I have the same goal for this year, use my stash! I even posted a picture today using a background stash, so good to see I'm not the only one. Your card is beautiful and I'm glad you shared it.


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